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For Debenture Ticket Buyers
For Debenture Ticket Holders

What are Wimbledon Debenture tickets?

Wimbledon Debenture tickets are issued annually to the holders of Wimbledon Debentures by the All England Lawn Tennis Club. Once every five years Debentures are issued for the two show courts, Centre Court & Court No1. The Debenture Holders are entitled to sell the tickets they will not use. These are the only legitimately resaleable tickets for the tournament and as such are in demand worldwide.

Why Buy from us?

The website was set up in 2006 by Debenture Holders with the sole purpose of creating a safe and secure marketplace for Debenture Holders and tennis fans. We have long established relationships with our suppliers and are totally focussed on our clients receiving the best possible service and Wimbledon experience. We have an excellent reputation for service in the market.

What is Wimbledon Debenture Holders ("WimbledonDebentureHolders.com")?

WimbledonDebentureHolders.com is the trading name for Debentures Ltd., a sole purpose company set up for the benefit of Wimbledon Debenture Ticket Holders. Our principal activity is marketing and brokering the sale of Debenture Tickets on behalf of the Debenture Holders.

How do I contact WimbledonDebentureHolders.com?

The best way to contact WimbledonDebentureHolders.com is by email: office@wimbledondebentureholders.com or telephone: +44 (0)1962 733 649

For Debenture Ticket Buyers

Will our seats be together?

The tickets are bought as pairs of adjacent seats unless otherwise requested.

Is it safe to use my credit card on WimbledonDebentureHolders.com?

WimbledonDebentureHolders.com uses the latest secure technology provided by Paypal to ensure that your card details remain safe and out of sight of potential fraudsters.

How do I pay?

WimbledonDebentureHolders.com accepts payment by wire or from debit cards, all major credit cards and paypal.

Do you send tickets to countries outside the UK?

Yes we send tickets abroad. The tickets can be sent internationally by FedEx or held by our distribution team for delivery when you arrive.

When and how will I receive my tickets?

All Debenture tickets are printed and released by the All England Lawn Tennis Club authorities three to four weeks prior to the event. Upon receipt we then immediately send the tickets to you by Royal Mail Special delivery or Fedex. If you require a delivery address different to your credit card address, such as a hotel, please contact us to discuss alterative payment options (office@wimbledondebentureholders.com)

Do I have to sign for my tickets?

Yes, you will need to sign for your tickets. You will receive notification from our distribution team so you will know when to expect delivery. If you are not at home when the tickets are delivered, you will need to follow instructions from the delivery agent. It's your responsibility to follow up with your dispatch provider to make sure you get your tickets.

What postage methods does WimbledonDebentureHolders.com use?

We will send the tickets to you by Royal Mail Special delivery or Fedex. If you require a delivery address different to your credit card address, such as a hotel, please contact us to discuss alterative payment options (office@wimbledondebentureholders.com)

What is your policy on refunds or cancellations?

Under the Terms & Conditions of WimbledonDebentureHolders.com all sales are final. There are no refunds, exchanges or cancellations of ordered tickets.

What are the dates for Wimbledon 2018?

The date of next season's Wimbledon Championships dates are Monday 2nd July to Sunday 15 July.

For Debenture Ticket Holders

Where does my password get sent?

Your password will be sent to the last email address that you specified to WimbledonDebentureHolders.com during the registration or afterwards.

Can I change my password?

Yes, you can change your password at any time on the website.

Will I have any contact with the buyers of my tickets?

No, there will be no need to have contact with the Buyers. WimbledonDebentureHolders.com will take care of all the arrangement with the Buyers and will take delivery of your tickets for shipment to the Buyers.

How will I send my tickets to the person that buys them?

When you have the tickets you should send any sold tickets immediately to WimbledonDebentureHolders.com. We will then take care of the delivery to the Buyers.

Can I list my tickets with other sites or sell my tickets through other avenues?

Yes, you are free at all times to list your tickets for sale with other people and to sell your tickets through other means. WimbledonDebentureHolders.com only asks that if you do sell your tickets that you take those tickets off your page of our website at the same time.

How will I know if the tickets are sold?

After you have listed your tickets, none of your tickets will be sold without you first receiving a final confirmation from WimbledonDebentureHolders.com that you accept the sale and the price. Once you have agreed to a sale then you will receive confirmation of the sale by email which will confirm the binding agreement to sell.

If I have more than one ticket can I specify how many I would like to sell for each day?

You can sell different numbers of your debenture tickets on each day of the tournament. You can enter this for each day on your page on the website

Is WimbledonDebentureHolders.com registered under the Data Protection Act 1998?

Yes, WimbledonDebentureHolders.com is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998.