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March 3, 2021

It’s time to look forward to the return of spectators at Wimbledon 2021!

And Wimbledon debenture ticket holders will have the highest priority.

The All England Lawn Tennis Club, hosts and organisers of Wimbledon 2021, have confirmed this.

In fact the AELTC has just reassured us again on this very matter. It wrote: ‘As previously communicated, we are committed to ensuring that all debenture holders can attend within a reduced-capacity scenario.’

This means you can rest easy and look forward to the big event once you have bought your seats from WDH.

You will be safe in the knowledge that your tickets won’t be impacted by any restrictions.

Here at WDH we pride ourselves in our knowledge of Wimbledon.

We’ve been advising you for some months to expect a reduced-capacity Championships.

But the intimate atmosphere will be unique and thrilling!

The UK government will lift all pandemic-related restrictions by June 21 – a week before the start of Wimbledon.

That’s great news because it means the return of spectators to Wimbledon 2021 is guaranteed – the only question is how many.

The organisers are keeping their plans fluid at this stage with regard to numbers.

That way they can ensure that as many spectators can attend Wimbledon as they consider safe to do so.

On Thursday, March 18 the AELTC  explained: ‘We are continuing to work closely with the UK Government, public health authorities and the rest of sport with the ambition of welcoming spectators safely to sports events this summer.

‘The most likely likely outcome for this year’s Championships, as an outdoor venue, is a reduced number of spectators within the Grounds.

‘However, we are taking every step to remain as flexible as possible to ensure we are able to react to changing circumstances that may allow an increase or require a decrease in attendance, both ahead of and during Wimbledon fortnight.

‘For this reason, we want to ensure that we can leave decisions on public capacity as late as we can in order to welcome the maximum number of guests and manage our ticket distribution accordingly.’

The one constant is that Wimbledon Debenture ticket holders will be able to enjoy the best seats. They are guaranteed a fantastic and luxurious day at the most historic sporting venue of them all. The picture looks more and more encouraging for the summer.

AELTC Chairman Ian Hewitt couldn’t disguise his excitement as he looked forward to Wimbledon 2021.

He explained: ‘In line with the Government’s Roadmap, we are cautiously optimistic that The Championships will play an exciting role as the country begins to embrace a return towards normality.

‘We remain humbled and heartened by the passion for Wimbledon shown by our fans around the world. We look forward to seeing the world’s best tennis players setting foot on our courts once again.’

Roger Federer will be so happy and relieved to hear the plans for spectators at Wimbledon 2021.

So will Andy Murray and Serena Williams. This might prove to be their last Championships as singles stars.

They will embrace the intimate relationship between lucky spectators and legendary superstars this year.

Do you want to be part of that historic intimacy? Wimbledon 2021 will be remembered like no other.

You’ll always be able to say you were there. And make no mistake, the sheer enthusiasm of the lucky spectators will make up for the reduced numbers.

The feel-good factor will return to London in good time for the greatest tennis tournament of them all.

The British government’s Health Minister, Matt Hancock has pointed to the return of the good times, thanks to the millions of vaccinations already happening.

‘I want us to enjoy a great British summer,’ he said refreshingly.

Nothing epitomises the great British summer more than Wimbledon. It’s the jewel in the crown.

Reduced spectator numbers at Wimbledon 2021 will make debenture tickets even more important.

If you want to be sure of seeing the biggest stars do battle on the famous Wimbledon lawns again, the wisest move you can make is to buy tickets from us.

There are so many reasons to look forward to the summer now.

The vaccine is here.

Thankfully, the UK government is now on course to facilitate the return of spectators to Wimbledon.

Millions more British citizens are to be vaccinated in the coming months. At the time of writing, 30 million have been vaccinated already. The UK was the first in the world to roll out the vaccines, and that will help keep Wimbledon spectators safe. Game-changing evidence has emerged that vaccination dramatically reduces transmission.

The more people vaccinated and the more encouraging the evidence, the higher the number of spectators likely to be allowed into Wimbledon for the long-awaited Championships.

Debenture Priority.

Debenture tickets are recognised as priority seating on Centre Court and No1 Court. We can’t emphasise this enough. So those with the foresight to buy debenture tickets will feel they can safely start to look forward to the big event already.

If you would like to enquire about tickets for Wimbledon 2021 or have any questions then click here to get in touch.

We look forward to welcoming you to Wimbledon 2021. 

Click here for tickets for this year’s Championships.

Here’s to an iconic Wimbledon 2021

Debenture tickets are the only resalable tickets for Wimbledon and should the tournament not go ahead for any reason, you will receive a refund.

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